Angels Care Australia

Tailored Packages

You are a unique individual

At Angels Care, we ensure that the care we provide, is unique to you. 

In consultation with you, we will create a tailored, individual care package, that you can afford. 

Below are just some examples of the care packages we have created for others..


Bruce lives on his own and is now in his 90’s. Bruce is very independent, but occasionally needs a little help. Once a week an Angels Care nurse Wendy visits Bruce for an hour to check on his overall health, changes any of his dressings, and organizes his medications for the week. Bruce also enjoys a cup of tea and a chat.

We also organize to have his lawns mowed once a month. Bruce loves his garden!


Maureen has had a tough time of it lately. Her eyesight is failing and she is not as steady on her feet as she once was. She had a nasty fall a few months back and her family was concerned and started to look at nursing homes. Maureen was adamant he wasn’t going to one of those!

Angels Care now visits Maureen daily. 3 hours in the morning to shower and dress Maureen, check on her health, make sure she takes her medication, and treated the bruising from her fall. We also help Maureen with the exercises her doctor has prescribed, and take her to see the doctor when required. For 2 hours in the evening we prepare her dinner for her and do any washing or cleaning required.


18 months ago, Rachel was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. She has had a number of hospital stays which she naturally finds stressful, and always looks forward to be able to return home. Whilst at home she still had to go to various clinics for treatments, but found those trips exhausting and frustrating.

In consultation with her medical team, Angels Care now provides daily care for Rachel when she is at home, managing medication and treatments for her, reducing here exhaustion, stress and anxiety. Rachel is a fighter, and she is doing well. We are honoured to assist Rachel with her journey.

*Names, details, and pictures have been changed to ensure client privacy

The next step:

  • Contact us for a free, No Obligation Assessment in your Home.
  • We will sit down with you and chat, to fully understand your circumstances, requirements, needs, and desires.
  • We will then prepare and send you a personally tailored Service Provision.
  • Proposal that clearly outlines the care we will provide.
  • Once you are happy, simply approve the plan, and start on your new life!