Angels Care Australia

Palliative Care

Specialised in-home care that helps you live comfortably

Angels Care Palliative is a specialised form of in-home care that helps you live comfortably, while succumbing to a life ending illness. 

The aim of our in-home palliative is to improve your life quality by making you as comfortable as possible, whilst also supporting your family, and friends, involved in your care. 

Angels Care nurses are fully trained to help with difficult issues such as pain management, medications, and other symptoms or needs. 

Be it for a short term, or long term period, Angels Care can be there to support you through this most difficult time. This delicate care is provided in collaboration with your GP and other significant health professionals working as a team, to ensure the end of life stage is treated with the utmost care, compassion, respect and dignity.  

We can also provide respite care for your loved ones, enabling them to take some time to themselves to rejuvenate and re-energise.

To find out how simply call 1800 ANGELS (264 357)