Angels Care Australia

About Us

Angels’ Care established in 2014

Angels’ Care was created in 2014 when our Managing Director was shocked at the lack of options available to provide dignified care for his mother.

He was looking for an organization based on care and compassion, with genuine empathy for the needs of those who required extra care. Not a company whose sole focus was to minimize costs to maximize profit.
Finding nothing available, he consulted with a good friend, a consultant medical specialist with over 41 years medical experience, and together they created Angels Care, to enable those with health or disability issues to live a life of dignity in their own homes.

Angels Care now provides services to clients in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the Philippines, with an outstanding reputation for their unique brand of in-home health support, with high quality service and genuine care and attention.

Angels Care has become a “Provider of Choice”, where we cannot keep up with the “word of mouth “referrals

Angels Care will do WHATEVER you need to make your life better including housekeeping, gardening, taking you to the Doctor, Pharmacy, Cinema, Church or even a Holiday of your choice to anywhere in the World YOU CHOOSE!

We look after your needs HOLISTICALLY!

To find out how, simply call us on 1800 ANGELS (264 357).